The intent and purpose of zoning is to:

  • Promote public health, safety, morals, and general welfare 
  • Encourage the use of lands in accordance with their character and adaptability
  • Limit the improper use of land 
  • Avoid overcrowding of population
  • Provide adequate light and air
  • Lessen congestion on public roads and streets 
  • Reduce hazards to life and property 
  • Facilitate adequate provisions for sewerage, water supply, education, recreation, and other public requirements 
  • Conserve the expenditure of funds for public improvements and services to conform with the most advantageous uses of land, resources and properties having in view the character of each district, its peculiar suitability for particular uses, the conservation of property values and natural resources and the general and appropriate trend and character of land, building, and population development.

Zoning Ordinance Administration and Enforcement:

The Zoning Administrator works with City stakeholders in interpreting and administering the terms of the zoning ordinance and also serves as the staff liaison to the Zoning Board of Appeals. The zoning ordinance is tied to the zoning map and applies various minimum dimensional requirements and permitted land uses for each zoning district on the map. The interactive zoning map allows you to click on an area and find provisions applicable to that zoning district.  

The Code Enforcement Specialist works with City stakeholders to enforce the zoning ordinance when violations arise. If you have a complaint please contact our office through our online complaint form

Interactive Zoning Map

Appealing a Provision of the Zoning Ordinance (Zoning Variance)

If you are able to demonstrate that meeting the minimum requirements of the zoning ordinance creates an unnecessary hardship or that you have a practical difficulty in meeting the letter of the ordinance, you can apply for an appeal of the ordinance that creates the hardship. The following criteria are taken into consideration when the Zoning Board of Appeals reviews a  Zoning Board of Appeals Application (PDF)

Zoning Variance Criteria Chart