Are many people excused from serving on a jury?

No.  Jury service is a civic duty which every citizen must perform.  Doctors, nurses, lawyers, clergy, homemakers, legislators, police, firefighters, public officials, executives, laborers, teachers, and even judges must serve.  The law does allow, however, jury duty exemptions for those over the age of 70, full-time students, and nursing mothers, all with applicable proof.

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1. When and where must I report for juror service?
2. Will I be given any other confirmation before the day of jury duty?
3. Who should I notify if I cannot appear for jury service?
4. If I have a problem concerning my jury service, will I be given an opportunity to discuss it with the judge?
5. How long will the trial last?
6. Can I be summoned for jury duty again after this service?
7. What happens if there is an emergency while I am serving on the jury?
8. What do I do if I am not feeling well or if I have some personal problem while serving on the jury?
9. What is the likelihood that I will actually be selected to the jury?
10. How was I chosen for juror service?
11. Are many people excused from serving on a jury?
12. Before I am selected for a jury, will I be asked questions? And why?